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Glider Ground School (U.S.)

GGS is an interactive on-line ground school, offering study toward glider knowledge tests.

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How Gliders Work

6-part illustrated narrative about gliders and soaring.

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Jim Burch Arizona Glider Pilot Examiner

Information useful to glider pilots and flight instructors preparing for practical tests. Additional glider related information of general interest.

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Learning to Fly - Gliding & Soaring

Experiences of a new glider pilot flying at Aboyne (Deeside) in the Highlands of Scotland. Information about what it is like learning to fly from first flight to solo and beyond. Many links to other gliding/soaring sites.

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PW Aircraft

Complete information about all PW airplanes and gliders from Warsaw University of Technology.

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The Colditz Glider

Story of how a team of Allied POW officers imprisoned in Colditz Castle Germany in WWII built a glider in a secret attic workshop during 1944.

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Wave Soaring @

Who needs oxygen anyway? Show your lungs who's boss as you pilot a sailplane through the 'Elevator to God'--miles above the earth.

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