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Hainan Island Incident


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Born to Fly

Book about "the untold story of the downed American reconnaissance plane."

Review It Rate It - Chinese board U.S. plane, take gear

Chinese military officials have boarded a grounded U.S. surveillance plane and removed equipment from it despite U.S. protests.

Review It Rate It - Chinese jets intercept U.S. Navy plane

A U.S. Navy patrol aircraft has been forced to make an emergency landing in China after what officials describe as a minor mid-air collision with a Chinese fighter jet.

Review It Rate It - Crippled surveillance plane can be fixed, U.S. team says

U.S. civilian experts have concluded that a damaged surveillance plane can be repaired and flown off Hainan Island, Pentagon sources said.

Review It Rate It - Damaged U.S. spy plane arrives in Georgia

A disassembled U.S. Navy spy plane arrived Thursday at a military air base outside Atlanta after spending three months grounded in China.

Review It Rate It - Detained crew on its way home

A heroes' welcome-home was awaiting the U.S. spy plane crew as China ended the search for its own hero, the pilot of the fighter jet that collided with the spy plane.

Review It Rate It - Medals awarded to surveillance plane crew

The 24-member crew of a U.S. Navy surveillance plane that made a harrowing emergency landing in China on April 1 will be awarded medals during a ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.

Review It Rate It - Navy pilot on collision: 'I wouldn't change a thing'

The pilot of a U.S. intelligence plane said he wouldn't change a thing about how he handled its collision with a Chinese fighter over the South China Sea.

Review It Rate It - Public outrage rules out spy plane return

China has told the U.S. that public outrage prohibits it from allowing a damaged U.S. Navy spy plane to fly home.

Review It Rate It - Team finishes inspection of spy plane

The Chinese military refused to provide a U.S. inspection team with power to assess damage to the Navy surveillance plane grounded on China's Hainan Island, the Pentagon said.

Review It Rate It - U.S. envoys hold 5th meeting with spy plane crew

U.S. diplomats met for the second day in a row on Tuesday with the crew members of a Navy spy plane detained by China after their plane collided with a Chinese fighter on April 1.

Review It Rate It - U.S. pilot harbors anger toward Chinese pilot

The U.S. pilot of the Navy surveillance plane forced to land in China after a collision with a Chinese fighter acknowledged Monday he bore some anger toward the jet's Chinese pilot.

Review It Rate It - U.S. spy plane inspectors report back

U.S. technicians who inspected a downed U.S. Navy spy plane in China have briefed military officers in Hawaii.

Review It Rate It - U.S. spy plane technicians land in Hainan

A team of U.S. technicians has landed on the Chinese island of Hainan to inspect the downed spy plane, stranded since it collided with a Chinese fighter jet in April.

Review It Rate It - U.S. technicians board Hainan spy plane

U.S. civilian technicians have begun assessing the damage to a U.S. spy plane forced to land on China's Hainan island, the Pentagon says.

Review It Rate It - U.S., China agree on spy plane return

The White House has confirmed an agreement in principle with China to dismantle the crippled EP-3 surveillance plane, load the parts in a transport plane and fly it back to the United States.

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Lt. Shane Osborn meets Jimmy Buffet

Interview with Osborn (after a Jimmy Buffet concert) about his experience in China.

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