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Unusual Projects


AutPilot UAV Project

Autonomous flying helicopter project. Overview, mailing list, design, pictures, and related links.

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Caltech Experiment

The Caltech Helicopter is a test bed for modern linear and nonlinear control methodologies.

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Georgia Tech Aerial Robotics

Fully autonomous robot helicopter, based on RC heli mechanics.

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Development of a very small electric powered four blade collective pitch head RC helicopter. Information, pictures, and related links.

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Hi Cam

Aerial photography and live video from R/C helicopters. Photos, articles, and an exhibition section showing camera-carrying planes, rockets, helicopters, kites and other craft.

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MIT/Draper Autonomous Helicopter Project

Winner of the sixth annual International Aerial Robotics Contest.

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Schiebel Camcopter

Autonomous Aerial Vehicle System developed to carry various customized sensors.

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Voice Controlled Helicopter

Look ma, no hands. This page is text only, but it makes interesting reading.

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