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Pictures and 3-Views


'A' Mountain Aeroplanes

Pictures of slope soaring on 'A' Mountain in Tucson, Arizona. EPP glider design suggestions and glider kits for sale.

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Aerobatic Glider Database

An overview of the different gliders permitted load factors, maneuverability, and permitted vs. non-permitted maneuvers.

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Alex's Sailplane Directory

Extensive listing alphabetized by manufacturers of over 380 sailplanes.

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BMFA F3B League

Covers F3B soaring in England; including contest results, calendar of events, and related links.

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Entirely devoted to logos and images for scale sailplanes.

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A new f3b glider- fully moulded. The wing tips are elliptical, and the aspect ratio is better than most others of its kind.

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Holland Glide

About the largest F3J competition in europe. Photos, related links, and score software.

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Jaro Muller Ellipse 2V

General information and construction tips, radio set-up, and technical data.

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Mugi Correx Combat Flying Wing

Mugi - combat flying wing high performance glider made from Correx (Coroplast). Complete plans and instructions for a low cost model.

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Soaring Gallery

Collection of sailplane photos grouped by: Southern Alps, Central France, Central Spain, Modern and Vintage Gliders.

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V-Ultra Picco

Photographs of the Fischer V-Ultra F3b model, and inside the workshop.

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