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Cobra's Cockpit Page

A site is about the building of a home "cockpit" for use with computer flight simulator programs.

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F-16 Cockpit Simulator

Creating an F-16 cockpit flight simulator utilizing real aircraft parts. News, reference, drawings, photo galleries and links.

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F-4 Phantom Simulator

Describes the project to build a replica of an F-4 cockpit.

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Hangar 16

A cockpit project for use with PC flight simulators such as Jane's F/A-18. Cockpit is built of plywood from scratch loosely based on the F/A-18 Hornet.

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Jens-Christian Fischer's Cockpit Pages

Information on his flight-sim cockpit and the I4F (Interface for Falcon) project that he just started.

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The on-going construction of a generic jet cockpit.

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Ron Weins' Cockpit

Pictures of a fighter jet cockpit built from the seat from an F-101 Voodoo (Vietname Era) and instruments and system modules from actual aircrafts.

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The Ejection Site

Home built sim built with surplus parts, including an F-100 ejection seat.

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